Complex analogue VCO in Eurorack format featuring 3D morphing and contextual modulation

3D Morphing

Morphos’ preset strips are groups of four specially developed FSR sensors that can precisely detect vertical, horizontal and pressure information from the pressure distribution of your finger.

3D Morphing allows you to create new soundscapes by morphing between multiple user presets in three dimensions. All at the reach of your fingertips, it opens up a whole new world for live jamming!

The Synthesis

The two all-analogue, digitally controlled Oscillators provide pure harmonics, four waveform types on a continuously variable potentiometer and extremely stable TZFM (Through-zero frequency modulation). Moreover, thanks to its digital brain, an active calibration system allows it to track over 10 octaves, even at a high TZFM ratio.

Contextual Modulation

Morphos inherits NORAND Mono’s Contextual Modulation technology, adapted for the modular world. It is possible to modulate every parameter under CV. The module provides 3 Modulation Modes - Attenuverter, Modulator and Ping Envelope - allowing you to modulate timbre and create drum sounds.

  • Each oscillator has a touch-sensitive strip of 4 presets
  • You can morph adjacent presets with your finger
  • Enter 3D Morphing mode to morph between layers
  • There are three layers – X, Y and Z – of 4 presets each
  • You have 48 user presets to morph between
  • Automate and sequence your morphing with CV
  • To modulate any parameter, simply tap the button related to its CV input
  • Extremely stable TZFM (Through-zero frequency modulation) analogue oscillators

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German Professional Audio Magazine tested the Morphos and rated it:

Top class, very good and outstanding.

Quote: "Norand Morphos combines a powerful sounding, simply structured analogue sound generation with the advantages of precise digital control, modulation and tuning reliability, including a cleverly solved optional control with microtonal quantisation. The intuitive and well-equipped internal modulation system, in combination with the Morphing options, makes it easy to create highly complex sound movements and bring a lot of life to sounds. The concept is innovative and performance-oriented, and the price is fair."

You can read the full review (in German) here: Norand Morphos review


Fully featured unique analog synthesizer and powerful sequencer

A new generation synthesizer

As its name suggests, Mono is a monophonic synthesizer with many performance-oriented digital features. But at the heart of this small box is an analogue signal path with unique designed circuit blocks.

With Mono, every single synthesis parameter can have its modulators, which provide a more comprehensive sound palette. You can also explore the depth of the synthesis engine with randomizing features. Those assets are developed for musicians to open ways of possibilities and creativity.

Focus on synthesis blocks

Mono's sound source is versatile and full of character, from soothing detuned sinewave to heavily modulated sawtooth. It offers two analogue oscillators with continuously variable waveform, thru-zero frequency modulation, fine grain detune and hard sync.

Filter block is designed with an emphasis on sound character and originality. Mono's filter lets you sculpt the oscillator's output in every way possible. From classic features like key following and envelope amount, Mono features a resonant filter that allows stable self-oscillation at maximum resonance and is precisely tuned like the oscillators. It's composed of a low-pass, high- pass and band-pass continuous output, too—a unique filter for a fantastic synthesizer.

A world of modulation

Mono introduces contextual modulation, a unique modulation system that gives you complete control over every parameter. Each has its envelope and audio-frequency modulator. Simply touching a knob to select the underlying parameter unleashes Mono's full creative potential. X-Modulators are not simple basic LFOs. Instead, you can set them to audio rate so you can do FM on the parameters you want.

Feature-rich sequencer

From simple note sequences to complex ratcheted phrases with parameter automation, Mono sequencer allows the user to sequencer everything step by step without limitations.

The sequencer was designed to give musicians a way to customize sequences by recording automation on any desired parameters fully. Furthermore, the powerful clocking system makes Mono extremely versatile, whether in the studio, in live situations or even in DJ sets.

Mod Note mode replaces keyboard notes with user-defined timbre. It allows users to create up to 40 custom temporary patches or timbre per project to be played and recorded.

This small synth offers randomizing features to assist the musician's creative process. There are different randomize options: randomize page, step, parameter, accent, slide, and Mod Note.

Never restrain your creativity for fear of losing previous work: Mono's undo-redo allows up to 1024 actions to be undone. Thus, with his 1 GB of internal flash Memory, Mono stores 32 projects, each with 64 patterns.