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Arturia BRASS Technologie
Recording parameters, or let's say the ambiance of the room in which the instruments are played , are certainly an important factor of how a saxophone solo or trumpet section will sound in the end. In BRASS, place the instruments where ever you want in a room for effect. Place them far away and have a sound that echoes in the distance, or set the instruments in the front of the room for an in your face result.

The parameters offered in BRASS are a range of attributes that can be adjusted so that you can specify your sound to the smallest detail: Attack, Pressure, Pitch, Timbre, Noise, Vibrato, Vibrato Frequency, Mute.
Whether you want to set a parameter to a praticular level without changing it, program automation to a parameter, control it by the velocity of your keyboard, or assign it to a real-time controller, you will find the possibilities offered by this interaction with the instrument extremely easy and impressive. Just like a human performer who has studied horns for years, you will be able to express yourself and add emotion to your music.

Fluctuate the playing style of your instrument and really bring the piece to life with Humanization settings ("Beginner", "Human", or "Computer"). Change the material of your instrument if you want to go for a creative type of sound. Play with a variety of different mutes on the trombone and trumpet, or you can even change reeds on you saxophone. In BRASS, you are the creator of your instrument.

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